Name: Sensuali Amoris
Other Names/identities:
Race: Malcubi Demon
Generation: 1st Generation
Personality: Sensuali is a very sexually open individual, she is an exhibitionist. And her ways revolutionize upon normal sexual conventions. She is bi-sexual, however she tends to favour females as lovers these days. She loves to show off her body, and prefers to be nude or close to it. But she does know how to seduce others, with great affect.

Character Description
Age: She looks to be in her middle twenties, but is actually somewhere between 30 to 40 thousand years old!
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 145 lbs
Eye Color: Ruby Red
Hair Color & Style: Dark Brown, with blonde frostings.
Measurements: 38EE-26-34
Other Notes: Sensuali has a light tanned skin tone.
Knowledge & Skills
Demonic Paths: Demonic Protection, Demonic Strength, Poisonous Claws, Maleable Form, Empathic Manipulation, Pheromones, Soul Shaping, Hellfire, Quickness, Visionary, Torment, Soul Stealing.
Rank/Proficiency Level: Goddess (Legendary)
Secondary Skills & Hobbies: She is skilled as a prietess, and knows homeopathic remedies for curing. But she is also a very skilled sorceress, and has an extensive knowledge of even forbidden or unknown magicks. Her skills include the arts of massage, dancing, and seduction as well. She does know some combat skill, she is skilled in more agile forms of martial arts, and has incorporated acrobatic and dancing forms into it. She is also skilled in the use of daggers, or blunt weapons.

Special Abilities:
God Like Power: As a goddess of desire and pleasure, she has control over cosmic forces and fundamental laws of reality when dealing within her own areas of influence. One of these affects, is a constant aura of sensation. That heightens a persons sense of touch. When they are in physical contact with her.
Sorcery: Legendary. As a priestess in her earlier life, her magic centers around very ancient forms. That most cultures are not used to seeing. Her master of this art, allows her to do things others could not do. Which includes travelling to other dimensions and times, to meet new exciting people with who she can share pleasure with.

Magical Artefacts:
Twin Soul Daggers: At one point sensuali had two lovers, but they were killed by the machinations of a rival demon family. And they were assassinated. Sensuali crushed at the loss, tore the assassins soul apart and used it to forge the blades. But then stored the souls of her lovers within two ruby gems within the hilts. In affect the daggers, have armor penetrating properties. And can act on their own, allowing her even greater forms of attack.

Reflex Molecular Body Suit: During her trips into the future, a scientist developed this device. Which adapts to the users body, and the powers they possess. Its symbiotic nature, allows it to shape itself into any clothes the owner might desire. Providing protection, and limited healing abilities (latent) when needed. The suit has also been infused with a demonic soul, making it partially sentient and alive. This dual nature grants her additional abilities, such as a heightened agility and endurance (Latent). The ability to leap great distances or even climb on any angled surface (Gifted Rank).

Character Background
Somewhere between 30 to 40 thousand years ago, soren and sensuali were cast down from heaven because they loved mankind more than the will of the gods. For this she and others like her, were cast into the nine pits of hell. They were mutated by the chaotic energies of that land, and she like soren became the first in the line of the great malcubi race. As she added more and more to their ranks, her relationship with soren began to drift apart. And though they are not as close as they once were, they are still lovers from time to time. Since she has decided to explore the pleasure of women more fully. And she is perhaps the most widely travelled of all the two, she has been in almost every ancient culture of the realms in one form or another. And has affected the lives of many. This allows her to show up in many different places, and time lines.